Employment Law and Discrimination

We represent clients who have experienced discrimination from their employers based on disability, race, gender/sex, religion, orientation, ethnicity, national origin and/or color.

Many of our clients were considered high performers by their employers until they blow the whistle on illegal or corrupt practices. Whistleblowers are a growing category of claimants and we can often negotiate a fair severance package or obtain damages through a lawsuit.

employment discrimination
Job discrimination

Civil Rights

Anyone who experiences a violation of their constitutional or statutory rights by a government employee has an action for civil rights violations. Wilson Law CT represents clients who have experienced wrongful arrest, violence by the police. or any other abuse of power that affects their rights.

Asset Recovery

When the government seizes or detains private property without notice to the rightful owner, we can get that property back through negotiation or litigation, if necessary. Don’t sit on your rights. As soon as you experience a seizure of your property contact us.

Prosecution of Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

If someone has stolen your ideas (trademark, copyright) or invention (patent), we can prosecute them for intellectual property rights infringement and force them to stop using your ideas, make them pay you damages and recover your attorney fees.

False Allegations

There isn’t a person alive who has not experienced the sting and burn of a false accusation. We represent men, and some women, who face false allegations before the Department of Children and Families or other agencies. These kinds of false allegations can ruin your life if not handled properly, particularly false sexual allegations.

Typically, we resolve the allegation and then file a lawsuit against the person who lied to recover damages, including compensation for emotional distress and loss of reputation.